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Welcome to Tangible Rapture the fanlisting for the beautifully drawn and epic tale create by Yamane Ayano, The Crimson Spell. A fanlisting is simply an online site that lists fans from all over the world of a certain subject so if you're a fan of this yaoi series please join us.

Last manual update: 16 DEC 2018

Script used: Enthusiast
Last updated: 09th September 2015
Member count: 98, from 32 countries
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Newest members: Miho Masaoka
Growth rate: 0.02 fans/day


03.October.2010 - The FL is up and running once again :)! Thank you so much to Raine, former owner of this site to pass it onto me ^^/

 Crimson Spell: Val Finder no Hyouteki (Viewfinder) Junjou Romantica Sex Pistols

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