You've stumbled upon Beautiful Delusion, a tribute dedicated to Itachi & Sasuke, blood-brothers of the Uchiha clan and fated ninjas of Konohagure, the Hidden Leaf Village, in the hit shounen manga NARUTO brought by the hand of the famed Masashi Kishimoto.

Additionally, we're also home of both, the Relationship and Rivalry AnimeFanlistings.com approved fanlistings; adopted from the wonderful Raine in January 2016.

Since NARUTO manga has long since ended, there are virtually no spoilers to be afraid of. Therefore contents displayed are mostly based on 'canon' facts and focused on manga development, in addition to personal opinions.

Additional notes might be taken from Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden TV series franchise and related products, but such references are, and will be, of visual aid rather than actual facts.

Maybe it´s a lie...

Beautiful Delusion intends to be in-depth information site on both, Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke, their relationship as blood relatives and their role as characters in Masashi Kishimoto’s amazing shounen series, NARUTO. Content of this website is focused on the story of both brothers; hopefully with insight on both sides and their future given the path they have chosen thorough the story progression.

This tribute does not intend in ANY way to stamp or justify Itachi and Sasuke's romantic oriented relationship, if any, as Canon. While the intention is to, indeed, develop and explore a 'more than just brothers' bound and downright incest interest; all facts, content and opinions versed on that topic are and can only be considered Fanon. You will however perceive a strong intention on my part to indulge on their bond but I must once again stress that expressing love that transcends the statutory order as well as the intention of the author do not explicitly imply violating or bending facts on favor to this particular pairing, please keep that in mind when browsing the different sections in this site and more particularly the Brothers area.

Finally, as it has been pointed previously this site is spoiler heavy, which means I did not restrain myself to spare you plotline details while writing down the content as well as include theories that may be valid or not, to that only the official plot unfolding can tell which is valid and which is not. However, as much as I used to read NARUTO on a weekly basis and actually finished reading it then, given the length of the manga it might be unlikely the information gathered will accurately reflect all of what transpired, for that I apologize in advance!