Reconstruction of a bond…

The Itachi and Sasuke fandom has steadily grown this the first time Sasuke ever mentioned having a brother. I would dare myself say there are at least 3 main fandom spheres around their bond.

  • Itachi and Sasuke as rivals.
  • both having a brother’s relationship.
  • both as more than just brothers.

The first one takes into account that both are bind by blood but the root of their relationship is the Uchiha massacre and Sasuke vowing on taking revenge on Itachi with his life. The base and goal of that liaison is hate which only helps Sasuke grow filled with a one-sided hate to gain enough power and finally make a stand against Itachi’s prodigy-like power.

Fandom material issued from that group pursue only that much albeit some expectations and the results are usually a hateful Sasuke and Itachi taking an antagonist posture to fulfill the purpose of being the receptacle of the youngest despise.

The second group focused on their brotherhood relationship usually focuses on their youngster’s days up to the dreadful day the whole clan get swiped out and in a large portion too, on what happens after that. Fandom likes to explore the canon time-line with Sasuke struggling to outgrow Itachi until they both face each other and Itachi perishes opening Sasuke’s eyes to the truth and having him realize only living in the past or better say, reliving the past will keep his brother alive (in his heart and mind).

The second stand is non-canon timeline in which pursuers try to mold Sasuke on gaining strength at first, only to realize there might be enough space in his heart for forgiveness, while Itachi refutes Sasuke’s existence for as long as he can but finally surrenders to his own weakness, Sasuke. Trend in that fandom position is achieving an equal ground for both sibling to forgive each other and look toward the future, it’s usually a very positive outlook on life which at times sound farfetched but understanding how deep runs Itachi and Sasuke’s bound in the actual canon time-line makes it all the more believable.

Finally, the third and more mature oriented group, while also inclined on the Uchiha brothers to face dead-end in terms of their bound as blood-kind, be it strictly canon time-line or not, pursues a whole different purpose as would going further and deeper than blood. I’m restraining myself to include the term love as a determinant factor since it’s a matter of what individuals in this fandom group choose to include or not but it would be safe to say that is what major part look for.

In this particular group incest deserves a point on its own, while there’s no need to change what it’s literal meaning stands for I feel the strong need to clarify most of the fandom behind the creation of fan works featuring Itachi and Sasuke in a ‘more than brothers’ relationship, be it romantic or non-consensual, does not mean authors/creators and people enjoying their pieces support incest as practice.

Cleared that point, it is not uncommon for fandoms to move on and exploit taboo topics, while male/male relationships make up for major part of a strongly influenced shounen story such as NARUTO there is still place for heterogenic pairings so, why pick an all the more controversial and delicate topic as incest? One could argue on the most Freudian way known to the date but the additional thrilling factor of a forbidden yet fated love that goes against all established norms and just happens is perhaps one of the decisive factors to play with in the mind of the Itachi x Sasuke fandom.