There was a dream, there was a reality…

As years have come and gone it has become no secret that I feel a huge soft spot for brotherly relationships, there’s perhaps a reason behind this I sometimes wonder if I see part of my own blood bounds reflected or missing given which characters are involved but, one thing has always been for granted, brotherhood bounds can be much more intense and complicated than any other friendship, romantic interests or even parents-child ones.

In the case of Itachi and Sasuke, the plot-line has stressed along its unfolding the depth of the Uchiha brothers relationship and how much of an impact being brothers was to both of them, and the strength to go further in order to protect that blood bond, albeit their personalities and life choices have been and will always seem to be questionable. However, Itachi and Sasuke are the quintessence of this idea that blood is thicker than water and worthwhile to dedicate their entire life to it, for good or for bad.

I must however oblige and clarify once again that the romantic aspect of the idea I have of them was not what I had in mind when first introduced to the NARUTO universe and as I stressed previously, the interest I have with seeing them harbor feelings to each other, ranging from platonic to downright explicit incest has a strong connotation in their case but little to do with reality, as in the world we all live in.

What caught my interest and continued to nurture it for as long as the story as gone was that I, as the rest of the NARUTO readers, have been first introduced to a twisted reality that could not in any possible scenario give us a single hint of which part was really the Truth behind all truths, it is truly a magnificent way to twist an innocent point of view from which one can believe an illusion is real and the biggest lie is in fact what actually unfolds step by step, word after word in a life-time.

So what if a completely misunderstood situation and an utopist ideal never to be achieved by a single person is nothing against a simple blood bond? Sasuke loves his older brother, the praised Uchiha prodigy. Yet, Sasuke despises the rogue Itachi, the epitome of his hate, the cause of all his loneliness, his frustration and ultimately the first and strongest betrayal in his short life. But at the same time he fails to realize Itachi was all what truly matters to him until it’s long past the point of no return for both of us.

On the other hand, Itachi loves his younger brother Sasuke, the often left-apart child in the Uchiha household. Yet, Itachi despise the world as it is, or at least the way his own keen sees the world but he is conflicted with himself and torn over his innocent brother existence. Itachi strikes again and again, cracking his brother’s shell with one visible purpose and a hidden double-agenda. But, Itachi never fails to realize his love for his sibling although he could never show it properly, always suppressed, always hidden.

This epic sense of what we perceive as a seemingly natural bond that seemingly can easily be broken and yet, survives behind the scenes growing always growing and never fading until the final curtain falls down to reveal pure, beyond all hardships love is truly wonderful and the reason I love both Itachi and Sasuke’s interaction so much and the sole reason behind the creation of this site.

Madara Uchiha: You couldn't see trough Itachi at all. You couldn't see trough his illusion. To him, you life was more precious than the village.

Naruto chap. 401 (Illusion) / Shippuuden (TV) ep. 141 (Truth)