The record scroll…

Beautiful Delusion has signified a long process of gathering information, summarize and write down ideas, thoughts and feelings, it also involved scanning and edit audio-visual medias over the span of years. The site was formally created on and officially opened on INSERT DAY + YEAR.

The shrine is a Venom Flowers production and is part of the network where it is currently hosted. Credit goes to Dynamic Drive, where I found a couple of scripts I used in the making of the site navigation and content.

As for layout/graphics, they were made with Adobe Photoshop CS2/3, and Html was coded with Notepad. The image used in the layout was scanned by myself with my trusty HP Scanjet :D and later edited, it is from the cover of a Doujinshi book: Hana no Ko by Shouyuya (2004).

The site is best viewed with a 1024x768 or higher resolution, and with Firefox 2+ as your browser. It has also been tested on Internet Explorer 6 and Opera 9.

(Not so) Frequently asked questions…

Can I use the site contents? (Graphics, texts, etc...)
As long as you credit linking back for whomever and wherever contents were made or taken from, it's okay. However, please! Do not direct-link.
Also, do not credit in a dark forgotten corner that no one will see. In a similar fashion, please consider emailing me so I know where the stuff is going :)

Then, can I use your layout?
Sorry, but absolutely NOT. It wouldn't feel right and it absolutely won't BE right. I've spent my hours working on it and so should you.

How can I contact you?
Please address an email at: fan(at) with the header "Beautiful Delusion: CONTACT", so I have an idea of which site your are emailing me about.

Can I link/bookmark you?
Please do :D

Could we exchange link, be affiliates?
If your site is Naruto and/or Uchiha focused please send me an email with the subject "Beautiful Delusion: AFFILIATION" and detail your request in the message.

Your information is wrong, bad spelled, or mistaken.
Nobody is perfect, and it seems I’m just as well far from being so. Please, if it's a spelling/grammar mistake I could fix if you let me know where it is located, feel free to contact me.

This page appears as a broken link, can't be accessed, or doesn't load as it should.
Please first check if the link has a (*) mark right after it, this denotes upcoming sections or pages. If it doesn't have one than it's probably a bad-written link or missing page, please let me know about it (email me) as soon as possible to fix it ;)

I have a suggestion/something I would like to see added!
I am always opened to suggestion and help is welcome, however given it’s taken me a long time to put all the site together please don’t take it the wrong way if it takes me a considerable amount of time to edit something here, nevertheless feel free to email and/or contact me by another mean :)